Pelagia showed the ring in the picture from the honeymoon

Пелагея показала кольцо на снимке из медового месяца The singer released last week, marry a hockey player, Ivan Telegin, resting together with her husband on the Greek island of Santorini. The photo of Pelagia with the rest of the fans spotted the wedding ring.

      Пелагея показала кольцо на снимке из медового месяца

      Last week was the wedding of hockey player Ivan Telegin and Russian singer Pelageya. The couple was issued a marriage in Kutuzovsky registry office. The celebration was held with family and friends in a chamber setting at the restaurant on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. Pelageya chose a long gown with a train that fans of stars reviewed the video, which appeared on social networks. However, no one could appreciate the bride’s ring. Pelageya secretly married a hockey player

      Social network users first saw the decoration on the ring finger of Pelagia on photos of the singer from her honeymoon, which she spends with her husband on the island of Santorini. Designer Bella Potemkin, which passed on the eve of the show of cruise collections, laid out in the microblog the newly made wife Pelagia. The singer dressed in an outfit created by the designer. However, the attention from the fans drew a ring with a large stone.

      Judging by the smile singer, she is very happy with the player. According to friends of the couple, Roman Ivan and Pelagia has developed so rapidly that they quickly realized that they can not live without each other and decided to get married.

      “The proposal Field received in the spring, and, of course, immediately accepted it, because they have a van mad love. Engagement ring with a diamond of several carats it never took off, but was in no hurry to shout about the status of the bride. Quietly came to the games, made friends with all the wives of the hockey players. Made friends especially with Nastya Subsky and Leroy Kudryavtseva,” said a friend of Pelageya.

      According to numerology Clara Kuzenbaeva, Pelagia consciously chose a husband of a famous hockey player. The expert believes that the athlete will be lucky in financial Affairs.

      “Pelagia is a reason married a budding hockey player. As the girl practical a star immediately felt that Telegin will find a great wealth – and, by the way, she was wrong. This year for Pelageya is not very good, it will be marked by deception and intrigue. Nothing, of course, she decided to get married right now…” – said the numerologist.

      We will remind that Ivan Telegin and Pelagia for a long time concealed his affair. For singer hockey player severed relations with a pregnant girlfriend Eugenia Nour. Their son mark was born a few weeks after the breakup. Telegin is not engaged in the child and almost never visits him. The groom Pelagia is not involved in the life of the son

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