Pelagia on the death of Dr. Lisa: “It is an irreparable loss”

Пелагея о гибели Доктора Лизы: «Это невосполнимая утрата» The actress recalls a public figure. According to the singer, the woman had an incredible energy that charged all around. Pelageya mourns the victims of the tragedy with TU-154 over the Black sea.

      Пелагея о гибели Доктора Лизы: «Это невосполнимая утрата»

      The second day, Russians mourn musicians, journalists, soldiers, flying from Adler to Syria on Sunday morning. The Tu-154 plane with 92 people on Board crashed over the Black sea. The tragedy killed the representative of public organization “Fair help” Elizabeth Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa. The tragedy with Tu-154. As we remember Dr. Lisa

      Many Russian stars remember that a philanthropist was willing to go anywhere in the world, which required her to help people. Singer Pelageya was personally acquainted with Dr. Lisa and watched her work. Elizabeth provided assistance to the homeless, went on a humanitarian mission in the Donbass, and also monitored the health of Nadiya Savchenko during her hunger strike. Former mentor show “the Voice” and told how he remembered this woman.

      “We met a few years ago. Mostly, I watched and the whole country for its actions — charity, human and spiritual. And it’s a shame when such tragedies happen, it is a pity that leave the lives of people that so many have already done, but so many would have done. A very bright man, and it is an irreparable loss. Forces families and friends,” said the artist.

      According to Pelagia, Dr. Lisa was forced to think about the fact that there are always people who need help. “And she was infected with this energy of all those who were near her, all who listened to its treatment of the question. When there are examples of when you hear these people, see their eyes, see their actions…” – recalled the singer.

      Such actions are taught to be tolerant to the misfortunes of others, according to a former member of the jury of “the Voice”. “All this encourages others to weakening of the heart muscle, to become kinder and better. Thought about the fact that there are things much more important than any household stories,” said Pelagia, communicating with journalists of the TV channel “360”.

      Recall that the Tu-154, defense, flying to Syria, fell into the Black sea. As a result of the tragedy killed 92 people, among whom were members of the Academic song and dance ensemble of Russian Army named after A. V. Alexandrov, the journalists of channel one, NTV and Zvezda TV channel, the Director of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizaveta Glinka, military personnel and civilian government employees. Monday, December 26, declared a day of mourning. General pain: friends and colleagues of the victims of the plane crash in Black sea