Пелагея вышла замуж за  Ивана Телегина

Not had a chance to discuss the novel, the famous singer Pelageya Hanaway and hockey player Ivan Teleginas the lovers picked up and got married. As it became known to journalists, a celebration was held June 16, but it has become known only today.

Пелагея вышла замуж за  Ивана Телегина
The bride and groom arrived in the morning in Kutuzovsky registry office of the capital, and then went to celebrate at one of the restaurants on the ruble. Media reported that the ceremony was attended by only the closest people couple parents, a few friends and colleagues of Ivan.
Friend of the family Pelageya said that hockey player made the singer a proposal of marriage back in the spring, and she immediately agreed, because “they have a van – crazy love.”
A few hours ago, the network appeared the photo, presumably Pelagia and Ivan (the quality of the picture casts doubt on this) made in the Registrar’s office.

Пелагея вышла замуж за  Ивана Телегина

Recall that the relationship with the singer and the athlete caused considerable resonance. The fact is that for the sake Pelagia Ivan threw the pregnant civil wife. With little sons on the quay is almost not seen, here a broken woman and walked through some channels with his sad story, urging Ivan to participate in the life of the kid who gave life.

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