Pelagia married a hockey player

Пелагея выходит замуж за хоккеиста

Roman singer Pelageya and forward of the hockey club CSK Ivan Telegin is developing very rapidly. No sooner had the fans, journalists and secular get-together to learn about new relations mentor show “the Voice” and rejoice for her as Pelagia threw a new reason to congratulate her.

The actress accepted a proposal of marriage from Ivan and soon will again go under the crown.

As before, details Pelageya is not divided.

Recall first new novel of the singer’s fans are talking a little over a month ago when the network appeared a photo of her on which she is depicted with beards, tall and very handsome.

The identity of the mysterious stranger was quickly installed, but nothing that connects these two have not been reported. It is known that Pelagia often attends matches when he plays Ivan, he in turn takes her to expensive restaurants.

It would seem that the artist can only be happy… But it was not there! Following the news about the new boyfriend has information that Pelagia guy stole from a family, where in February, Ivan and his girlfriend Eugenia was born son mark.

The “home wrecker” as he was called the mentor of “the Voice” in social networks, a new novel not comment. But on the official website under the numerous questions fans still have appeared a message from a representative of the group.

“The first and last time I will answer here, – said in comments. — Vanya was not married. When they met the Field, he was no longer in a relationship. All. I propose to finish”.

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