Pelagia made a surprise announcement about the show “the Voice”

Пелагея сделала неожиданное заявление о шоу «Голос»
The actress announced “boycott” of the popular TV show.

Ivan Urgant and Pelagia

Photo: @vecherniy_urgant Instagram

This year the organizers of the show “the Voice” has done for fans of the musical contest gift: judicial seat is back “gold” to the jury. It includes and Pelagia, propustila the last two seasons of the popular program. Taking part in the filming of “Evening Urgant”, the actress surprised fans with an unexpected confession. As it became known, Pelageya not watched a single issue of “Voices” over the past two years.

The reason for the boycott of the popular program was not hostility Pelagia to Polina Gagarina, who finished in the Studio the “voices” of her chair, mentor, and fatigue Pelagia. According to the singer, she was really exhausted after years of work in the show and was no longer willing to worry about the participants even on the other side of the screen.

“I have not watched “the Voice” two years because I am tired of it. Well, honestly, seriously. Not that I was some kind of protest…” — said Pelageya Urgant.

This time, shortly before the start of season 6 of “the Voice”, Pelagia departed on a family vacation, in order to gain strength before a long shoot. With her in a hot country leaving husband Ivan Telegin and daughter Taisiya. The star family was vacationing in Italy, where Pelageya came back full of energy and desire to play in a musical project. “I don’t know how to entice the rest of my friends, but I didn’t have to lure. Takes months I go, miss”, — said Pelagia.