Пелагея отдала за свадебный наряд 13 тысяч долларов The singer made the dress in a short time. The actress and her partner spared no expense to arrange a celebration they will never forget. This week, the lovebirds went on their honeymoon, and soon they will spend in Greece.

      Пелагея отдала за свадебный наряд 13 тысяч долларов

      Relations 29-year-old mentor of “the Voice” Pelagia and 24-year-old hockey player of CSKA Ivan Telegin for six months resulted in Kutuzovsky registry office on 16 June. Finding dresses Pelagia took back in April. She wanted to look modest and elegant, so she chose the gown from Galia Lahav.

      Pelageya secretly married a hockey player

      “Dresses of the first line of this brand are made 4-5 months – say in a closed Bridal boutique on Pokrovka. But Pelagia came for a month and took advantage of a quick tailoring – plus 20% to the cost.

      “Her” model “Dolce” – worth $9 thousand, two-meter veil – 2.4 thousand After painting, friends and family went to restaurant Chester Ferry on Rublevo-Uspensky highway.

      “The stars were Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov,” says restaurant Manager Andrew. The wedding was intimate. A few tables and the Presidium of the newlyweds was decorated with flowers. Sang only the bride. We are all created for comfort: lake, pool, security everywhere. “Close” we are only at the order of 1 million rubles. + 100 thousand for the service. We have one of the best chefs of Russia, to try his dishes came even the first person – Putin, Medvedev. At the wedding was served profiteroles with salmon and Philadelphia cheese, scallops “Saint Jacques”, seafood.

      Пелагея отдала за свадебный наряд 13 тысяч долларов

      Guests toasted the health of young people, future children, telling stories. For example, about how the coaches make fun of Telegony, because, having fallen in love, he became distracted.

      “If Joe’s not answering his phone or comes to a formal event, the coaches laugh: “Look for it the Pelagia”, – said one of the friends.
      Пелагея отдала за свадебный наряд 13 тысяч долларов

      By the way, the numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva calculated shape of family life of the actress and her lover. According to the specialist, in love is hard at home, since Ivan – a man of moods. Thus, according to numerologist, the family of Pelagia and Telegin will not want for anything – hockey player will always make good money, and in a certain period of time and did a great enriched. Numerologist: “Pelageya married for convenience”

      “Pelagia is a reason married a promising hockey player, – says the expert. – As the girl practical a star immediately felt that Telegin will find a great wealth – and, by the way, she was wrong. This year for Pelageya is not very good, it will be marked by deception and intrigue. Nothing, of course, she decided to get married right now…”

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