Pelagia asked me to support her husband

Пелагея попросила поддержать ее мужа
Currently, popular singer Pelageya is with her husband Ivan by Telegony in Pyeongchang.

Пелагея попросила поддержать ее мужа

According to the singer, husband hard preparing for the upcoming Olympic games and asked for support from the fans. Hockey players are very worried, waiting for the names of those who are admitted to the Games.

Пелагея попросила поддержать ее мужа

“In some moments I was worried more Vani. Because I see how much effort and soul is given to hockey and understand how important it was to get into the team and go to Games. On the whole, the athletes, they are people of amazing strength. Every day I see your husband and I admire the strength of character of professional athletes, it’s the heroes who give their health in order to them proud. Therefore, take this opportunity to address the fans, asking them not to blame the guys. Better keep them as they can. Believe me, for them now it is very important”, – told the artist.

Recall that the couple have a charming daughter Taisia, Pelagia, and now devotes all his time to the baby.

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