Муж Пелагеи раскрыл имя новорожденной дочки
The singer became a mother in one of the prestigious hospitals of the capital.


Yesterday in the capital’s most prestigious hospital Pelagia gave birth to
firstborn. The Pelagia was born a girl named Taisia. That Pelageya became a mother reported her husband – Ivan Telegin. About the birth of our daughter, she became known after one of the matches of her husband-hockey player. He scored a goal he dedicated to his daughter.”When a goal is scored, I rocked the stick, because the child was born. Yesterday a girl called Taisia. Me at the stadium gave a gift to the roly-poly doll!” — said the athlete.

About the pregnancy itself (for the first time about
interesting position Pauline became known in June), fans learned only
just because a star has canceled a planned tour, but also refused
from participation in various projects. At the time an interesting situation the singer stopped
to appear in the light, breaking his own vow only once, for the sake of celebration
his thirtieth anniversary.

Then the singer with the newly made spouse and noisy
a group of friends, had a lot of fun in one of the suburban restaurants. The culprit
the celebration looked incredibly happy. Witnesses said that at
all night long the Russian, the singer smiled a lot and literally
could not for a moment “break away” from her husband. Pelagia and Ivan publicly
cuddled and in every way expressed the tender feelings to each other.

Now after giving birth this beautiful couple will be even
more strong and friendly. Edition 7days.ru wishes of health to the newborn and
the happiness of new parents.