Мужа Пелагеи застукали с другой женщиной In the network appeared the provocative picture by Ivan Telegin. The hockey player gave a party in honor of his birthday. As discussed by the users, among the guests they see the spouse of the athlete.
Мужа Пелагеи застукали с другой женщиной

The other day Ivan Telegin triumphantly returned to Russia. Hockey team won gold at the Olympic games. The Champions met at the airport “Sheremetyevo” their relatives and friends. In social networks pictures where Telegin, dressed in the Olympic uniform, hugs a spectacular girl named Carina.

“Met an Olympic champion. I’m proud of you! You promised to become a champion, and kept his word. First, gold and be still!” – wrote the girl.

Subscribers girls admired the pictures of Karina and Telegin. “What happy smiles on your faces!”, “Roly – handsome”, “Proud”, wrote the followers.

Then Karina has pictures of the gold medal that Ivan gave her to consider. The day after arrival to the capital of the hockey player celebrated his 26th birthday. One of those present at the party, which was held in a Moscow restaurant, caught guys on camera during their kiss. It is unknown what the relationship of Ivan and Karina. However, the Network began to talk, that Pelagia at the event was not, and Ivan was surrounded by only friends.

Мужа Пелагеи застукали с другой женщиной

By the way, fans of Pelagia was not originally considered Telegin, true man, and the haters try to blame the actress that she took him from the pregnant civil wife.

“A good conscience, said to be the best pillow. So you see, dear friends, I have a clear conscience, and I sleep fine. And everything else that saying, don’t believe it. I wouldn’t be able to live in peace, if what you write was true, if I have someone taken away…It’s just another period in my life which made me stronger,” she said Pelageya about the beginning of the relationship with Telegony.

The singer and hockey player growing up the daughter Taisiya. The star refuses to show the baby. She carefully guards her personal life from unnecessary attention. Pelageya even refused to engage in social media to not to put personal footage. According to the artist, in their family there is complete understanding. For example, it is not necessary to force yourself to do the chosen breakfasts.

“The spares, not have to cook. Although, I wouldn’t have time to make him Breakfast at all desire. The fact that the spouse gets up early and goes to training. And so every day. In the morning I lay for 15 minutes in bed and think about how he is a hero. After all, he in any weather has to go on the ice, to freeze, to make an incredible effort,” said star.

By Pelagia spoke to reporters. She indirectly called Karina a woman of easy virtue. “All I can say is, we’re all good. Let no one going through. For the behavior of girls of easy virtue, unfortunately, neither I nor my husband is not responsible, only themselves and their parents. No divorce, now we’re going to the Kremlin for Mr Putin to honor the Champions. It’s cool, I’m proud of my husband,” said the actress of Super.