Пелагею сфотографировали с ребенком
The singer has pleased fans with a rare release.

From the moment it became known about the secret wedding Pelagia and hockey player, Ivan Telegin, singer has almost disappeared out of sight of the fans. She suddenly stopped appearing at social events and often spends hours somewhere among the fans in the stands of stadiums. One reason for this behavior is probably a pregnancy thing Pelagia tries to hide from prying eyes.

However, from being able to come and support her beloved husband during important matches, while the singer is not going to give up. So, the other day she and her friends had come to cheer for his team, which plays her new husband. However, most of the time Pelagia, anticipating their future motherhood, spent playing with the child of a friend — a boy named Makar. Despite the fact that recently the Network stopped showing new photos of the singer, with a toddler she was photographed with big pleasure. According to witnesses, 30-year-old Pelagia was fine to get along with the son of a friend.

We will remind that not so long ago it became known that the singer will not take part in the new season of the TV show “the Voice. Children” the fact that the beginning of participation in the program coincided with the estimated date of birth of the artist. Most likely it will take a little break in work and will enjoy taking care of the baby.

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