Пелагея поделилась подробностями семейной жизни
The singer spoke about why he refused to cook the favorite Breakfast.

Pelagia and Ivan Urgant

Photo: @smak_1tv Instagram

Pelagia became a party to the new year edition of the program “Relish”. The actress, who rarely shares details of his personal life, told Ivan Urgant about why he refused to cook for her husband and how she and her daughter preparing for the most magical holiday of the year.

The singer believes her husband is hockey player — Ivan Telegin real hero, because he morning to night trains on the ice to show good results. Husband leaves home, when Pelageya with her daughter still sweet sleep, why the star wife is not able to feed a loved one in the morning a hearty Breakfast. Telegin is tolerant of the fact that his wife is not paying attention to him early in the morning, knowing the specifics of the work schedule of the actress, which is part of working late.

The approaching New year Pelageya will meet at home with family. To prepare for this day Pelageya in advance: together with her daughter Taisiya she learned children’s songs that will be performed in new year’s eve in front of guests. “I’ll teach her a variety of Christmas songs. Trying to keep them together. However, there is a song about a pony that I can’t sing without tears. She looks so sad! Kind of want to cheer the child, and in the end, though, roar!” jokes Pelagia. The girl, according to Pelagia, inherited from her singing talent and in the future may well become a singer. To develop an ear for music, she often incorporates classic house music. The most favorite Taisia composer is Tchaikovsky.