Pelageya shamed the hackers for stealing her exclusive photos

Пелагея пристыдила хакеров за воровство ее эксклюзивного фото The famous actress was furious from the actions of criminals who hacked her page in one of social networks. Pelagia is outraged that the spread on the Internet without her permission. Fans of the singer supported her encouraging comments.
Пелагея пристыдила хакеров за воровство ее эксклюзивного фото

Singer Pelageya thinks that happiness like peace, so rarely shares details of his personal life, trying to keep it secret from the public. Celebrity rarely gives interviews about people and leads the private blog, which I read only her family and friends. Sometimes criminals, hungry for sensationalism, hacked microblog singer and put her pictures on the Internet than with the emotions of the artist.

Pelageya inspires wife to exploits in another country

Recently, the Network appeared the new Pelagia, which quickly spread through her fan pages. Celebrity fans were delighted with the stunning appearance of the actress and wrote her compliments. The fans of the star also noted it in posts. Pelagia got acquainted with the publications of the fans, and hastened to clarify the situation. She said that her blog was hacked. Pelageya did not hide his indignation at the actions of the hackers published a photo from her personal archive without permission.

“Shame on you! Hack accounts and disseminate personal photos! How long can people? And then you wonder why I “closed”?” – with these words the artist has appealed to Internet criminals.

Fans Pelagia, seeing her angry comment on social networks were quick to remove the photo of the artist. They also apologized to the singer and said that he did not know where frame. “It’s a shame, very sad. Patience to you, Field,” “pay No attention to such people, hold on,” “People, be nice,” “Leave the Field alone,” “This is unbearable, we are with you” – wrote the fans of the celebrity to maintain it.

We also add that in March Pelagia became the guest of the program “Evening Urgant”. In a live TV show, the singer first spoke about his charming daughter Taisia, which came to light in late January. The celebrity and her husband, hockey player, Ivan Telegin, doted in pretty baby. In recognition of Pelagia, its striking character of heir. “We have a lot of serious, smiling only in dreams. Even when she was in my stomach, and I only saw her on the ultrasound, the daughter was always so gloomy, frowning. I was already afraid. A serious girl. The way it is”, – said the singer to the presenter Ivan Urgant.