Пелагея спасает дочь от дикого стресса The singer wants to instill a little true value. Pelagia together with her husband Ivan by Telegina educate polutorogodovalogo Taisia. Actress says relationship with their parents and are willing to incorporate those principles into your family.
Пелагея спасает дочь от дикого стресса

At the beginning of last year, the singer and mentor show “the Voice” Pelagia for the first time became a mother. She gave her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin daughter Taisiya. The artist and the athlete does not strive to be all the time, they don’t like public attention.

Now little daughter Pelagia and Ivan a year and a half, but none of the fans never saw the girl. However, the artist explains the principles of the upbringing of the baby. She tries to teach her the necessary for life in society quality. So, the singer doesn’t want the child depended on the opinions of others and feel bad if his life is perfect.

“It’s important for me to teach my daughter to accept herself for who she is. Sad to see photoshopped pictures. They now not only in magazines but also in Instagram and other social networks. It seems that it is such a perfect picture and should strive for. And the reflection in the mirror, alas, not so flawlessly. In the result, the person experiences wild stress. Not realizing that he’s actually beautiful,” says the artist.
Пелагея спасает дочь от дикого стресса

Moreover, now Pelagia chooses a strategy which she will stick in the child’s upbringing. She pushed away from the principles that she held in her family. She was glad that the parents built her a beautiful relationship.

“My mother spent a lot of time and she never communicated with me as a little silly. Always on equal terms. Maybe that’s why we have always had such a trusting relationship. Still, it is for me an indisputable authority. Of course I’m not my mother, and t I did not, but in the case of her upbringing I will take these things into service,” – says Pelageya.

Pelagia and Ivan Telegin curry favor with the child

Пелагея спасает дочь от дикого стресса

The actress said that her husband childhood was diligent and disciplined child. She believes that precisely because of this, Ivan was able to achieve some success. It is also developing in the profession from an early age. Pelageya shared with the magazine “Good advice” that he expects from his child the same attitude to everything, what would she do.

Пелагея спасает дочь от дикого стресса “Of course we’re going to raise a daughter according to the same principles, but closely watch her. I already feel Taisiya Ivanovna in some aspects of the current character. I would like first of all to respect her development to give her a lot of opportunities for expressing ourselves and to teach correctly to explain to the world”, – confessed the singer.