Pelageya ousted contestant on “the Voice” became a mother

Выгнанная Пелагеей участница шоу «Голос» стала мамой Anahit Poghosyan came to the project in the last months of pregnancy. Leaving the show, the singer admitted now her main task is to give birth to a healthy baby. A young mother watched on Friday entry of his speech in “Duels” with a small daughter on hands.
Выгнанная Пелагеей участница шоу «Голос» стала мамой

Last Friday mentor show “the Voice” singer Pelageya had to make a difficult decision and to exclude from further participation in the project of the excellent vocalist Anahit Poghosyan. The young woman at the time of program entry was on the ninth month of pregnancy. And despite the fact that paired with Ladislav Babaram the singer brilliantly performed the famous song of Eros Ramazzotti and cher Piu che puoi, Pelageya chose to leave in the draft the young man.

“I don’t know what would have happened if things were different. History does not know subjunctive mood. But soon the light will be a new person, a new soul comes into this world. And I know for myself how important this moment is to be focused only on this process. Because he is the most important in the world in General. Our project is wonderful, but it does not go to any comparison with the miracle of new life and the importance of presence in the life of the mother. I really hope that you understand me,” he turned to Anahit Pelagia.

Singer agreed with a mentor, saying in a farewell address that for her, indeed, it is very important calmly give birth to a child.

Well, as you know, the esters of the show “the Voice” is written in advance, and to the day when “Duel” with her participation were aired, Anahit Poghosyan has become a mother. And his speech she looked at home with his little daughter MIA.

Now the vocalist, and advised her star mentor, totally committed to the newborn heir and accepting congratulations from fans, which I am glad for her and at the same time regret that you will not see Anahit Poghosyan in this season of “the Voice”.

“This design! You fall in love with the whole country, well, why not continue?! Your voice is like silk, like velvet. Great! Wish you were in voice. The daughter already born famous!”, “Well, honestly, very sorry, to watch nothing more, today I cried, you left the project. And good luck to you, happiness of motherhood and be sure to come back!”, “Anahit, heartily rooting for you! You are still my winner! With you daughter, God bless her good health and great universe of happiness” – are members Anahit Poghosyan.