Pelageya lost sleep over hard work

Пелагея потеряла сон из-за напряженной работы The singer, who again became a judge of the “Voice” channel, came to the show “Evening Urgant”. Pelagia told about the behind the scenes of the sixth season of the vocal show, and also about how she had fun at the Depeche Mode concert and was walking with her husband Ivan by Telegina Italian museums.
Пелагея потеряла сон из-за напряженной работы

The singer Pelageya, who was again among the judges of the program of the First channel “the Voice”, became the guest of the show “Evening Urgant”. Singer, which is not very often gives interviews and rarely talks about her personal life, gave the fans a conversation with a popular leading. The actress responded to questions Ivan Urgant about the family and working in the popular TV show.

Showman said that Pelageya looks great. The star appeared in the Studio for the evening show in a long dress of bright color. The singer has supplemented her image of boats in tone. The actress confessed that these are the same shoes she once wore to a wedding with a hockey player Ivan by Telegony.

Pelageya secretly married a hockey player

“What a wonderful day! You wear the best shoes. The first time I put them on after the wedding. There was no more reason, much more. See, sparkle?” – asked the singer to lead.

Ivan Urgant asked Pelagia, whether the smell of her shoes vodka, to which the actress replied in the negative. According to the singer, she does not drink this beverage. “And don’t tell, don’t,” added the singer.

In January of this year, the life of the singer has changed – she became a mother for the first time. The singer gave her husband a charming daughter Taisiya. The artist tries to give the baby all my free time.

Пелагея потеряла сон из-за напряженной работы“I do now speak of children’s poems. Read Korney Chukovsky, very love, even of different national nursery rhymes”, she said.

Talking with Ivan Urgant, Pelagia explained as she once again was among the mentors of “the Voice”. The star admitted that he missed the atmosphere of the project.

As Pelagia was lost to a new “Voice”

“I don’t know how to entice the rest of my friends, but I didn’t have to lure. Takes months I go and miss it. And say, “Oh well…” She, of course, not calling, waiting… I have not watched “the Voice” two years because I am tired of it. Well, honestly, seriously. Not that I was some kind of protest,” told the actress.
Пелагея потеряла сон из-за напряженной работы

According to Pelagia, her peers Polina Gagarina was a great judge. “I really love her, she’s beautiful. She looked great there and had done it a hundred percent,” – said the artist.

The singer also said that this summer she was vacationing abroad. The company has made wringing her loved ones.

Пелагея потеряла сон из-за напряженной работы“We as a family went on vacation to Italy. We had a cultural holiday, we went to Florence to the Uffizi gallery, and the tour was in English. My husband was of course thrilled, – said the artist, laughing. And I said, “Well, wait a sec, now Caravaggio will get”. Know classic tourists with this stuff. Then rose in a posh Florence Cathedral. It is very beautiful and inspiring. We attended a concert by adore me Depeche Mode in Rome.”

Pelageya admitted that echoed in the speech of popular actors. “This is the same group that I followed since childhood. I’m in a very serious rocker,” explained the singer.

In addition, during the meeting with the famous TV presenter Pelagia has shared his impressions of filming “the Voice.” The celebrity revealed that he was worried while working on the show. “6”: which stars went on to conquer the mentors of the new season

“I lost sleep. I am very worried, I’m actually quite nervous… I’m very seriously that I will be very much on TV, especially this weekend. I would like not to annoy,” he told the star.