Pelageya inspired her husband to deeds in another country

Пелагея вдохновляет мужа на подвиги в другой стране A famous singer went to Germany for the world hockey championship. Pelagia decided to support the beloved wife of Ivan Telegin, who recently managed to score the first goal in the prestigious contest. Together with the other chosen athletes artist actively rooting for the Russian national team.

From 5 to 21 may in Cologne and Paris, held the world hockey championship. A beloved athletes went abroad to support their elected representatives. Among those who decided to cheer for the second half, was a 30-year-old singer Pelageya, in January became a mom for the first time.

The husband of Pelagia reminded of the first family

Fans of the performer found that it looks amazing. Pelagia, which appeared on the rostrum together with other chosen players, did not hesitate to Express their emotions in public. The artist smiled a lot and was actively rooting for the wife of Ivan Telegin. By the way, may 13 a young man managed to score the first goal at the world hockey Championship. This match ended with the score 6:0 in favor of the Russian team, which managed to beat the team of Slovakia.

In one of his interviews, Ivan Telegin admitted that he doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. Married Pelageya became for him an important point, especially from the psychological point of view. The athlete admitted that marriage with the famous singer “cheered” him.

Add that Pelagia gave her husband Ivan Telegin charming heiress, which he called Taisia. A happy event in the life of the stars occurred in January of this year. About replenishment in the family of the hockey player announced during the Match of all stars KHL in Ufa. During a conversation with journalists Telegin admitted that the baby feels. Colleagues gave a happy father action figure dolls.

Long after the completion of the family Pelageya chose not to share with the public the details of his personal life. After a couple of months after the birth of her daughter, the singer first spoke about his beloved daughter Taisia. It happened in the program “Evening Urgant”.

“Pelageya”, who appeared in Studio of a TV show in a bright red dress, created a furor. Fans of celebrity found that she is in great shape. “I’m a lazy mother. The most difficult thing for me right now is to walk with Taisiya through the woods. The snow came down, the word is out and sticks to the wheels of carriages, – shared the artist. I know that other mothers just put cradles with the children in the balcony, but I have no balcony, so you have to walk every day for two hours. And I’m very lazy”.

In addition, the actress admitted that her child is very serious and only smiles in her sleep. Despite the age she is already showing interest in music. Especially for daughter Pelageya includes classics. According to the singer, the little girl in awe of the creativity of Tchaikovsky.