Pelageya commented on kiss your husband with another woman

Пелагея прокомментировала поцелуй своего мужа с другой женщиной
Singer sees no threat to his marriage.

Photo: Instagram

The night before, in the Internet appeared the video, as Olympic champion Ivan Telegin kissing a certain brunette named Karina. Spiteful critics immediately launched a vigorous discussion on the possible infidelity of his wife, hockey player, singer Pelageya. Fans speculated that the girl is just a close friend of Ivan and haters in vain to inflate the scandal of the blue.But as it turned out, no friend, even more close, Carina, which, by the way, after the outbreak of hype on the Network, then deleted the video and Telegina, Ivan is not necessary. About it she told Pelagia, which was asked to comment on the incident and said, inadvertently does the star to divorce her husband because of this incident.

“All I can say is, we’re all good. Let no one going through, ‘ said Pelagia SUPER. For the behavior of girls of easy virtue, unfortunately, neither I nor my husband is not responsible, only themselves and their parents. No divorce, now we’re going to the Kremlin for Mr Putin to honor the Champions. It’s cool, I’m proud of my husband.”

Indeed, in the Network immediately appeared numerous photos of happy Ivan and Pelagia. The couple attended a gala reception in the Kremlin. The shots of the hockey player and the singer looked absolutely happy. Telegin today for their “gold” at the Olympics got a big SUV BMW X6 and a cash prize in the amount of 8 million rubles. And yet Vladimir Putin presented him the book of the legendary hockey coach Anatoly Tarasov as a gift from the President on his birthday. Today Ivan was 26 years old.