Пелагея празднует 30-летний юбилей
Touching the singer thanked the mother for life.


Pelagia in the day of his birth touching thanked
his mother, Svetlana, who not only takes care of his daughter until now
but is the main inspirer of her work and also helps in
many of the projects.

So, Svetlana helped wringing on the show “the Voice. Children
where she was a mentor: he mentored and supported children, solve many
organizational issues and sometimes even a substitute daughter in the role of mentor, when
that for a few minutes, left the pitch. Not surprisingly, Pelagia she fully trusted: because
Svetlana at the time was a talented jazz singer, and after losing voice
became a theater Director.

“Mom, you’re nine months took care of me, and then I came
at the light, ” says Pelageya. — It was the best moment in our life. Along with
you I made my first steps. With you I learn about this world. You
took me by the hand to school and said, “don’t worry,” although I’m extremely
worried that day. You taught me to think creatively and discover new
itself. I taught you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. You
liked. You taught me how to be a real woman. And I always wanted to be
like you. With you I shared all my secrets with. You were and are my
the best friend who will always understand. You were always beside me.
Rejoiced in my successes and victories. And supported in a difficult moment, when,
it seemed that nothing could help me. The older I got, the more
to understand how we’re alike. And now, I feel you still
more and understand what you’ve been through. Even when you’re far away I
you know, you’re here in my heart. Forever. On this day I, as always,
I want to tell you: “Thank you, mom! I love you.”

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