Пелагея похвасталась своей фигурой
Recently took place in the Kremlin concert, which was attended by the contestants of “the Voice” and the coaches show.

Пелагея похвасталась своей фигурой

The show was organized in honor of the fifth anniversary of the project “the Voice”.

Many wondered whether or not to participate in the concert a young mother Pelagia.

Pelageya not only came on the scene, but also was one of the leading. The audience was amazed by the figure of the singer that looks even better than before birth.

“I’m a lazy mother. The most difficult thing for me right now is to walk with Taisiya through the woods. The snow came down, the word is out and sticks to the wheels of the stroller. I know that other mothers just put cradles with the children in the balcony, but I have no balcony, so you have to walk every day for two hours. And I’m very lazy,” says the singer.

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