Pelage congratulations on the birth of a child

Пелагею поздравляют с рождением ребенка The actress chose until recently not to publicize her pregnancy. Even this summer when it was revealed that the star is in an interesting position, she refused to give official comments. Now the fans are writing the former mentor of “the Voice” kind words in which I wish her health and born daughter.

      Singer Pelageya strongly opposed to comment on the entire period of your pregnancy. She tried a little to talk to the press about this. The same rules are adhered to and her husband, forward of hockey club of CSKA Ivan Telegin. In June of this year they officially signed. The wedding took place in a Moscow registry office.

      Mother Pelageya has commented on the rumors about her birth

      Poklonniki artist found information that Pelagia gave birth to a daughter a month ago. The actress has long been discharged from hospital and feels well. The husband of celebrity all free time devotes to a young mother, busy. Talking about the newborn baby’s parents do not hurry, because it does not consider it necessary to publicize the situation.

      “Pelagia, you are so pure and sincere! Don’t know what you have with a child, but I know that you will be happy mom,” “Honey, why don’t you tell us about the daughter?”, “Pelagia, you’re very sweet, charming, a real mother!” “I have not seen any pictures with your pregnancy. You have done that didn’t stick out of this!” – supported pelage subscribers in Instagram.

      It should be noted that Pelagia did not want to draw public attention to its interesting position even in social networks. She almost did not publish pictures that in one way or another hinted at her pregnancy. Waiting for the firstborn young woman didn’t want her interesting position was widely discussed on the Internet.

      However, loyal fans of the singer who carefully follow the life of his idol, repeatedly left her comments with the request to tell, how the pregnancy and whether there are any complications. Some subscribers fear that a child star, something happened, because it did not showed a rounded belly and was obviously not going to do that. Anyway, many fans Pelagia repeatedly noted that she began to look a little differently, some actually could not recognize in the well-known favorite ispolnitelyu. Commentators said that the pregnancy the woman went to the benefit and helped, in their opinion, to relate to life with more optimism. Pregnant pelage accused of facial plastic

      “Congratulations to the singer Pelageya and her husband Ivan on the birth of your baby! We wish the whole family happiness, health and prosperity!”, “It finally happened! We are very happy for our Pelageya! Happiness for her and the baby. And even if the husband will always be there”, “such things can not be silent! The long-awaited child! There are no words to Express the joy” congratulated the fans pelage.