Пелагею приняла в семью будущая свекровь The singer did offer the hockey player Ivan Telegin. The beloved star has already introduced her to the family. Close sportsman warmly received pelage and wished happiness to young. The date of the wedding lovers are not yet decided, but preparations for the celebration have already begun.

      Пелагею приняла в семью будущая свекровь

      Engagement ring, sparkling on the ring finger of the 29-year-old singer, already a few weeks is the reason for many disputes among her fans. Pelageya herself prefers not to talk about relationships to the 24-year-old hockey player, player of the Russian team Ivan Telegin. Perhaps the reason for this is that for the sake of a new lover, the athlete left his wife Eugenia, who in February this year gave him a son Brand.

      Pelagia took away the beloved of the family

      About the relationship of John and Pelagia became known in late April, when photographers caught the couple after dinner in one of capital restaurants. It turned out that the intentions of the serious hockey player – he recently made an offer to the singer.

      “Guys just started to prepare for the celebration, with a specific date still not decided,” – said the “StarHit” Catherine, sister of the athlete.

      This marriage to Pelagia, and as for Ivan, not the first – in 2010, she married Director Comedy Woman Dmitry Yefimovich, but two years later they divorced.

      Пелагею приняла в семью будущая свекровь

      Two months ago Ivan Telegin introduced the bride with her parents: Helen and Alex divorced, but maintained a friendly relationship. To meet the new darling of the son they in a few days arrived from Novokuznetsk to Moscow. And, despite the scandal, pelage take the heat.

      “It is a choice son, my job is to love her as much as I like my child, – said the “StarHit” Elena Telegina. – I often came to visit Vanya in the capital as soon as his schedule allows. At the recent world Cup I, however, arrive it did not work, so worried for him at home.”

      In the stands of the Ice Palace Ivan, almost every game was sick Pelagia. And at the beginning of the championship star played the Russian national anthem, thereby supporting not only beloved, but also the entire team. The Network began to appear regularly pictures of the actress taken in the stands of the ice Palace. Pelagia also became friends with the wives of other national team players, and they have fun together. Not so long ago the singer and her partner celebrated the championship final in the company of colleagues and their family members in one of the karaoke club of the capital. As it was beloved of the glorified hockey players for the 2016 world Cup

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