Пьеха рассказал, почему его брак распался

Three years later relations, the musician realized that he is not ready for family life.

Fans of the graduate of “factory of stars” were shocked to learn about the changes in the personal life of his idol. The grandson of Edita Piekha openly stated that he decided to divorce his wife, the St. Petersburg model Natalia Gorchakova.

His act, the artist explains that not ready for a serious relationship, despite the fact he and his wife already had a son, and together they have three years.

“I have always had a relationship, but they stopped me in the growth – and in the creative and spiritual – shared Stas Pieha with the magazine Ok! — I realized that I still have to Mature a bit, to truly be ready for a relationship. And while I have such readiness is not, and I realize that only hurt the wife that all the time asking: “Please, go sit in the room, I need to work” or “Let’s see for a little bit, because I need to make a new program”. It’s nobody’s fault”.

Apparently, the couple broke up quietly, without scandals. The little son of singer Peter lives with his mother in St. Petersburg, his famous father tries as often as possible to visit him.

“We have Natasha and a very good relationship, although the family was not formed. But we have wonderful fruit of love. And Pete, I try to see as often as I can. But Natasha done: find time to be mom (although the top prize goes to grandma’s Ira), and learn, and grow, and to work…” said Peha.

I must say that Stas always been very special stealth when it came to his personal life. The artist preferred to keep secret their marriage, and even the fact that he became a father. But when he decided to leave the family, decided to inform the whole country. However, all the details Peha did not disclose. For example, it is not known has there been an official divorce.

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