Peha brother, with whom she’d been estranged for over 40 years, refused financial assistance

Брат Пьехи, с которым она не общалась более 40 лет, отказался от финансовой помощи The singer talked about the relationship with the relative. Edita is no denying that their brother has no spiritual connection for so long. However, the artist was pleased with the character and moral qualities Jozef.
Брат Пьехи, с которым она не общалась более 40 лет, отказался от финансовой помощи

Edita is not often spoils fans of revelations regarding his personal life. Only recently many of her fans first learned of the existence of the artist’s younger brother. As it turned out, the singer for forty years did not communicate with relatives.

Peha explained by the fact that clashed with his stepfather, and after his mother saw no reason to communicate with loved ones. However, the meeting with Joseph after a long separation, I had made a positive impression.

“We have no spiritual connection. We have not seen for too long. I left Poland when he was young. Jozef came to the Malakhov with his girlfriend. I think they’re having an affair. After the program I invited them to his guests. At home we talked until four in the morning: we talked mostly about his childhood, recalled”, – said the artist.

According to Edita, she intends to maintain contact with a relative and his children. The younger brother of Peha was looking for her not for any material gain, but solely from a desire to communicate. At least the money older sister, he immediately refused.

“I told my brother I would sometimes send him money but he refused. Said that he has a very good pension in Poland. He announced the amount that I transferred in rubles. Really good,” shared Collins.

Now the star is incredibly pleased that we were able to acquire a brother. The actress intends to go to Poland to communicate with him better and go to the grave of his mother.

Recall that Edita and her brother for the first time in many years, was found in live Studio “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The actress is quick to point out that between them there was never a conflict. However, due to the aggression by his stepfather, Bruno Mars just stopped to chat with a relative after the death of his mother.

Fans of Edita hope that her contact with józef more will not be interrupted for such a long period. The singer believes that they are unlikely to become really close friends, but relatives will be able to establish friendly communication.

In an interview with “KP” Edita said that reunification of the family happy all of her relatives. So, in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” appeared the grandson of artist Stas, who met the relative who had never seen. The main joy of Peha are now her great-grandchildren, with whom the woman tries to spend a lot of time.

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