Pedro almodóvar was the victim of a leak “of the Panama archives”

Педро Альмодовар стал жертвой утечки «Панамских архивов»

A data leak of the century, some media called getting into the Network information about the offshore many famous people.

The other day in a global “spider’s web” were the archives of the Panama company, in which is shown all accounts of the powerful. The list includes not only the names of politicians and sportsmen, but also workers in the entertainment industry.

One of the defendants in the “Panama scandal” was directed by Pedro almodóvar.

In addition,the list includes the name of filmmaker brother Agustin Almodovar.

According to leaked to the network data, from 1991 to 1994, the brothers belonged to an offshore company that was run by Mossack Fonseca. Around the same time, the films Almodovar for the first time began to make money (“Tie me up” (1990) and “High heels” (1991)).

Glory of the last days Pedro was forced to cancel planned meetings, interviews and other events as part of the promotional campaign of his new movie “Juliet.”

At this point we know that the responsibility for offshore almodóvar brothers took over Agustin. Also the man expressed regret that those involved in the scandal was the name of Pedro.

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