«Умиротворенная и счастливая»: Николай Басков рассказал, как изменилась Алла Пугачева The artist admires the diva. Recently Nikolay Baskov met Dolly parton during a vacation in Sardinia. The singer noticed that after the star has ceased to perform regularly, she became happy and peaceful.
«Умиротворенная и счастливая»: Николай Басков рассказал, как изменилась Алла Пугачева

Alla Pugacheva – the rare visitor on secular events. The diva prefers to devote all their time to raising children, Lisa and Harry. In the summer the singer’s family went to rest abroad. The husband of actress Maxim Galkin joins them when he has a break between filming in the projects of the First channel. Recently, Pugacheva vacationing in Sardinia. Nikolay Baskov happened to be at the same Italian island. He was happy to see the Diva while walking. According to him, she changed a lot after he stopped actively performing on stage.

“She asked me, “What’s in showbiz is going on?” I replied that I was not interested. “I’m lately not interested. Preparing for the anniversary!” I haven’t seen a singer so peaceful, happy,” — said the Basque.

Basque itself does not think is to leave the scene. He has toured extensively and also participated in private events. The singer did not dare to sacrifice career for family. The wedding of Victoria and lopyrevoy constantly delayed. Initially, the pair planned to hold a celebration in the autumn of last year, but the bride was too busy preparing for the world Championships, where she was Ambassador.

“We have a complicated relationship. What they will not know. Can be for a wedding, and maybe — friendship. We are emotional people who are interested. But I am grateful to Victoria. She very much has changed in my life: attitude and perception. I’ve become more sporty to look at your life. Happy that one of the most beautiful girls is a part of me. But while the wedding is out of question”, — the artist admitted.

In recent times the Basques turned to God. He is recording an album of religious songs “I Believe”. It includes seventeen songs on spiritual themes. The artist himself came to religion when I was on the operating table. “When we were bad, we all turn to God, we want to make sure that loved us,” — said the singer.

The Basques did not deny that, like many other people, sometimes he was visited with the idea to hurt someone or another to sin. “There were moments when I was so betrayed that my head was drawn to the stage: “That would kill him!” — said the singer in an interview with “Interlocutor”.