Donated to children’s homes


We will not write a great text about good and evil, what is good and what is bad …
Just we want to offer, who do not mind to donate at least $ 1. the treatment of children, rather than spend that same $ 1. cigarettes, beer, etc.
P.S. Why $ 1? of course, it can be more, but the aim of this program is not to collect fabulous money, and once again draw the attention of people to life … (the dots clever words, of man, society and the world, the state of all of this, and so on). And besides, I understand that among the users of our site, people with different incomes, and to any not confuse (since not everyone will be able to donate $ 1000) to take a small amount, which is already almost all have, but if you have the opportunity to more than sacrifice, then do not hesitate.
All funds raised by us, will be donated to children’s homes.


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