Payback for honesty: Fly hired extra security because of threats

Расплата за честность: Летучей экстренно наняли охрану из-за угроз

Bodyguards will accompany leading “Registro” not only during filming but also in everyday life.

The new season of the show Lena Flying in Moscow proved to be very controversial. Just remember the release of the program in the restaurant “Odessa-Mama” when the staff insulted a lead and then locked her in the freezer. The operators and producers of “revizorro” shooting has not stopped and showed the audience everything as it is: and expired products, and other breaches of the kitchen… But wouldn’t they then assume that because of the acute conflict with the owners of the capital’s schools on Volatile wallow threats from unknown persons? In any case, now Lena will have to leave the house only accompanied by protection, for which it hired the creators of the TV show.

“After the Moscow season Lena began to threaten violence, – has told to us on TV. — Even tried to open her phone to harm reputation. The guide channel has decided to urgently hire a guard Lena. We knew it would be difficult, but never imagined that to such an extent”.

The news was confirmed by Lena herself Flying. “Threatening me with violence. The guard actually hired. Promised to tarnish the reputation. And “the campaign to smear my name” is in full swing! The authorities reported. And we know who’s doing it. Information is confirmed!” she said in Instagram.

By the way, recently it became known that Volatile after the shooting in Moscow, most likely, will leave “Revizorro,” but before leaving, personally, will find a worthy replacement. Moreover, in “Friday.” will the program “Revizorro”.