Pavel Volya went to court because of their name

Павел Воля обратился в суд из-за своего же имени

Paul Will outraged and indignant, as its name can use without his knowledge and consent. Resident of Comedy Club filed a lawsuit against the company “Salname” because she easily have registered the domain despite the fact that in the creation of this site itself Will not involved and had nothing to do with him.

It is important to note that this site currently is owned by the real estate Agency because of how it was to be used, it is not clear.

“We wanted to promote your website due to the name of a popular artist, said in the company AwayRealty. – Nothing illegal was done – the web address was free, not belonging to Paul.”

By the way, Will was ready to settle this situation without litigation, and even agreed to purchase the domain name from real estate agents. But as it turned out, the office is not ordinary working people – he has asked Paul to 3 million rubles.

This angered the Will, because the claim went to Arbitration court of Moscow.