Pavel Volya was jealous of Laysan Utyasheva for a famous blogger Pavel Volya's wife became a guest of the new issue of Show Volya Laysan Utyasheva.

Pavel Volya was jealous of Laysan Utyasheva for a well-known blogger The second host of the project Ilya Sobolev temporarily took the main place to chat with the spouses.

The couple spoke about the new TNT project Survive in Dubai. And when Laysan spoke about her favorites in the show, Pavel suddenly changed dramatically in his face. As it turned out, the athlete was impressed by the blogger DAVA (David Manukyan).

Pavel Volya was jealous of Laysan Utyasheva for the famous blogger

However, Volya didn't like it very much.

“This Dava! She liked him! You know? This bastard comes to all the shootings to Lyase, he comes to cooking, everywhere, and he is like this: “Laysan, here are flowers from me for you,” said the showman.

Utyasheva immediately stood up for her ex-boyfriend Olga Buzova and began to justify him, saying that Manukyan was “just a good boy.” However, Volya was not satisfied with this wording either, and he said that “this good boy will soon rake in full.” However, there is some truth in every joke, and the audience has yet to find out how this story will end.

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