Pavel Pyatnitsky disgraced the alleged murderer of Stas Dumkina

Павел Пятницкий опозорил предполагаемого убийцу Стаса Думкина A public figure has spoken about the incident, which occurred at the end of August in Gorky Park. According to Pavel Pyatnitsky, a suspect in committing a crime were in the airborne, so was much stronger Dumkina.
Павел Пятницкий опозорил предполагаемого убийцу Стаса Думкина

Last week Russia was agitated by the news of the assassination in the capital’s Gorky Park. According to one version, the son of the actor of the series “Interns” Roots Makarov attacked the blogger Stas Dumkina for the fact that he was dressed “not on concepts”. During the fight, the guy fell, hit his head, and a week later, without regaining consciousness, died in hospital. How to prevent a similar situation, says social and political activist Pavel Pyatnitsky.

Such cases are, unfortunately, happen regularly in clubs, restaurants. In Khabarovsk killed the world champion in powerlifting, in the Irkutsk region scored the pin from the valve of the athlete. Even those who can stand up for themselves, become victims. And the athletes are more disciplined, realize that they can cause injuries. The accused served in the airborne. And even if Dumkin he started to say something, as it is now presents the situation the lawyer Makarov, you compare weight classes, physical training. Take his hand salami – no wonder you’re a paratrooper. There are lots of ways to stop the person and not to hurt. Such individuals are not Marines, and shame on the Navy! And because it will respond for causing death by negligence. Stas died not from the blow, and from that fell and hit the pavement.

To stop the fight with a fatal outcome, it is necessary to amend the criminal code and to impose stricter punishment is 15-20 years of imprisonment without right to parole. Then, in the minds of people that something will change. Patrolling by the police, the imposition of additional rates of private security guards in parks – a half measure. We don’t put a guard and a policeman behind every tree?”