Pavel Priluchny was summoned to court Pavel Priluchny suffered as a result of other people's family squabbles.

Pavel Priluchny was summoned to court The actor lives in mansion in the Moscow region. As it turned out, the family may lose their home.

Pavel Priluchny was summoned to court

Earlier the mansion belonged to the spouses, whose relationship deteriorated over time. The man transferred the house to a friend so as not to share it during the divorce.
“This friend is selling this house to Priluchny further. And now we have gone to court for the division of property and recognize this deal as fictitious. Pavel was notified. We had a meeting that week, and the judge said that we were calling Pavel Priluchny. Sent a letter to him,” said a resident of Orenburg.

It is unknown if Pavel received the notification. Its representatives assure that they do not know anything about this situation.

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