Pavel Grudinin told his wife about the divorce by SMS

Павел Грудинин сообщил жене о разводе по смс The candidate in presidents of Russia intends to break off relations with his wife. His wife admitted that for nine years they don’t live together, and recently Pavel Grudinin met a new love. Now Irina Igorevna claim to half of the jointly acquired property.
Павел Грудинин сообщил жене о разводе по смс

Politician and Director of “Sovkhoz imeni Lenina” Pavel Grudinin this year was going to be President of Russia but was unable to win the coveted victory. During the struggle, and then pop up the ambiguous facts of life the candidate’s offshore accounts and the availability of a second family. And I think it’s true. At least, according to his wife Irina, their marriage is really ruined relationship with another woman for the past nine years the couple do not live together.

Despite the gap, Paul was in no hurry to get a divorce. His former love could not imagine that after 37 years of marriage, will be forced to discuss the difficult situation on the front of the whole country — today woman became the heroine of the TV show “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

“I learned about divorce from SMS. I’ve been summoned to court, and I could not understand for what reason. Called the elder son and asked him to find out. He called back and said that Pavel had filed for divorce. Suddenly, nobody called, nobody warned,” admitted Irina Igorevna.
Павел Грудинин сообщил жене о разводе по смс

Grudinina admitted that he was stunned when in an interview, her husband said — she does not give him a divorce. Businesswoman was a shame to hear such words from a person with whom he experienced and the lack of money, and progress.

Now the question arose about the division of joint property, which, according to Irina, much more than stated in official declarations. In addition, the woman said that her husband has accounts in foreign banks.

“His income is much more than the amount declared. I even know the sources of these revenues,” admitted the politician’s wife.
Павел Грудинин сообщил жене о разводе по смс

The Grudinina there are two apartments, which, according to her, went to her parents, she also owns a beauty salon. Irina said that her property is much less than in Xenia, where he now lives policies — according to the women, girls five or six apartments.

Irina Igorevna admitted that for a long time suffered the infidelity of a spouse, although Paul had previously stated, I met the mistress only two years after he split up with his wife.

Павел Грудинин сообщил жене о разводе по смс“Nine years ago he left her for another woman, two years after that I started to live with Ksenia, – admitted Irina Igorevna. – I found out about the adultery, he asked for forgiveness, begged for the family, promised that it will all end. Each time was a new fiancee Pavel Nikolaevich”.
Павел Грудинин сообщил жене о разводе по смс

Now and Grudinin, and his wife Xenia called “angel”. However, the politician’s wife believes that mistresses is easier, because they come all ready, and she started a family life with him in his student years. Spouses do not communicate, although living in the territory of one of the farm – only occasionally say Hello if you meet on the street. Irina Igorevna admitted that the eldest son Artem took her position, and the younger Anton is the father. She explains that the young man works for the Pope, and therefore fell under his influence. It also became the reason of quarrel between the brothers.