Pavel Durov has fueled rumors of a romance with Alena Shishkova

Павел Дуров подогрел слухи о романе с Аленой Шишковой For several months, the businessman credited with hobby model. Recently Pavel Durov and Alena Shishkova once again became the focus of public attention. Users of social networks think that the businessman has confirmed the connection with the star of Instagram.
Павел Дуров подогрел слухи о романе с Аленой Шишковой

According to rumors, the 33-year-old businessman and co-founder of social network “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov is Dating 25-year-old model Alena Shishkova. Rumors of secret communications between the entrepreneur and the blond star of Instagram have been circulating for months, but until recently none of the parties did not comment on the speculation of the public. Recently, however, Paul broke the silence.

In the beginning of February in the Internet appeared the video, on upgrades of the building, founded by Durov. In the short video demonstrates the basic functions of the updated application for Android phones. On the video spread on the Internet, demonstrates the account of Paul. Entrepreneur shows how to make calls from the Cone and corresponds with her.

Павел Дуров подогрел слухи о романе с Аленой Шишковой

In addition to well-known models, the contact sheet images shown in the video, you can see the “secret” chats with Angela Merkel, the Creator of Wikileaks Julian Assange and the main heroine of the series “Game of thrones” Daenerys Targaryen.

Users of social networks have come to the conclusion that Pavel Durov confirmed his relationship with Alena Shishkova. Whether this is so is anyone’s guess. Perhaps, the businessman decided to make a joke, but at the same time to draw attention to his messenger. Whatever it was, Paul really communicating with Alice. The businessman attended the party on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Cone, which is held in Dubai in November last year. The photographs, which appeared on Instagram of the blonde, she is depicted along with Paul and friends. While Alena holds a lush bouquet of flowers.

According to rumors, the actor also had a rest together with the Cone in Paris. In the Internet you can find images in which man, like a businessman, walking in the vicinity of the Eiffel tower with a companion, resembling a model. The footage you cannot see the faces of guests, because they captured back to the camera.

Recall that Alena Shishkova has a daughter Alice, whose father is rapper Timati. The girl was born in March 2014 at a clinic in the Dominican Republic. About the personal life of an alleged lover Alena Pavel Durov not much is known. About four years ago the man left the post of General Director of social network “Vkontakte” left Russia. It is known that the actor is used to travelling and managed to visit many countries. In one interview Paul said that he considered himself a citizen of the world.