Павел Деревянко воспитывает из дочери бойца
The eldest daughter of actor, seven year old Barbara, I became interested in tennis.

Paul with daughter Varya

Photo: Instagram

The eldest daughter of Pavel Derevyanko,
seven year old Barbara, I became interested in tennis. “We sent
Cook on tennis, and fortunately, she liked, — says the actor
She is very gentle and kind, but I believe sport will bring it
fighter has hardened her character.” Actor dreams that Barbara will become
a professional athlete. “Daughter wants horse riding,
favorite horse. But I always say: let the tennis will be

Derevyanko does not hide: a daughter — the main joy in his life, and he for girls is a one — man party! “When the show focuses its subsidiaries, and they look at me,
opening his mouth and rounded eyes, ‘ Paul says. — Of course, I will hardly be able to keep their …
girls from all your experiences, and perhaps suffering, in the future, but will definitely
to lay in them the right attitude to yourself, to nature, to people.

All should be in moderation and mindfulness, and pampering that they do not
grew up some pussies, and become well-mannered,
self-sufficient, free girls”.