Pavel Derevyanko moved out of the family

Павел Деревянко съехал от семьи The famous actor lives with the mother of their daughters, Daria. But Paul takes an active part in the upbringing of the heirs. Parents Barbara and Alexandra came up with certain model relations for the family.
Павел Деревянко съехал от семьи

Pavel Derevyanko has two daughters, but the actor does not live with the mother of the girls, Daria. Senior Barbara went to the first class, she is seven years old, second daughter of Alexander goes to kindergarten, the little girl of three years.

According to the artist, when she was born the eldest daughter of his bachelor life has not changed. “Great love and understanding of fatherhood has come with time, and now I’m the luckiest man. I have two adorable sweet daughters, and I never cease to wonder at his good fortune,” said Derevianko.

The actor noted that he had maintained friendly relations with the mother of daughters.

“And me and Dasha have our personal lives and we have our children, whom we Holim, cherish and raise together. The perfect family, with only a small amendment: we don’t live in the house under one roof,” added Paul.
Павел Деревянко съехал от семьи

The actor revealed that Daria is a wise woman. From the very beginning of their relationship knew that living with the father of their children will not be under the same roof. “We just at some point realized that it would be better. Daughters grow up happy and free the girls,” said Paul.

“Junior, Rimma, independent and terribly sensible. And Cooking a great game of tennis”, – said the actor’s daughters.

The actor said that the mother and the children live out of town, where girls can ski in the winter on skis and summer on the rollers. According to the actor, the youngest daughter Sasha is always surprised when he sees the star father on TV. The older barbarian was initially irritated by the popularity of the Pope. “She literally locked me hands – not allowed. Then we with Dasha explained to her that daddy’s an actor and it’s part of his profession”, – said Paul. The actor admitted that with the mother of his children never fought. While Paul and the girls mother working, raising barbarians and engaged grandmother of Alexandra, said the artist portal

Our daughter is not seen, and hope never to see either parent scandal. Am I ready for another marriage? The card will fall, as they say. I have nothing do not promise. But we want at least one son.