Pavel Derevyanko made the girls a big surprise

Павел Деревянко приготовил дочкам грандиозный сюрприз
The voice actor talks the villain the Mole of the new “Smeshariki”.

Pavel Derevyanko daughters

New character animated feature film
“Smeshariki. Déjà vu”, released in Russia on April 26 to speak
voice of Pavel Derevyanko. The actor voiced one of the most prominent new characters
the film, a notorious villain the Mole, while not devoid of charisma and
a sense of humor.

The search for the voice of the character was one of the main
creative tasks for Paul while working on the project. “I am a supporter of organics,
I’m all for organic existence in the scene and in life, and in cartoons you need
to exaggerate, downplay, make different loud tone colors, says
Pavel Derevyanko. — I said, “Guys, I think, a lot.” Hear in response: “No,
little, give more!”. The hysterical voice has already broken, as I’m not used to it
to do, I rarely give voice to cartoons. It was very interesting. I
I got involved and got a lot of fun”.

The filmmakers will present to the audience and a surprise
expect which would be unlikely even the most devoted fans smesharikov:
the film “Smeshariki. Deja vu” is a favorite of children and adults croche will meet with his
the complete antithesis of named Shark caused a temporal paradox.

“Look forward to
as my daughters will watch this movie and be happy, and it makes me triple
nice. We all need quality cartoons, most importantly, believes
Paul. — They can be about good or about evil, but they must be good
qualitatively made. “Smeshariki. Deja vu” is a quality cartoon! Come with
kids will laugh together!”