Павел Деревянко улетел в космос на свое 40-летие The actor has arranged enchanting a party, which invited their celebrity friends. Marika Kravtsova, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Marusya Zykova, Kate Komolova and many others gladly went to conquer distant galaxies with Derevyanko. Birthday turned, for one evening, a character from the cult movie by Luc Besson “the Fifth element”.

      Павел Деревянко улетел в космос на свое 40-летие

      In early July, the actor Pavel Derevyanko was 40 years old. Then the man was not a big affair. But Derevyanko repay it with interest at a luxurious party held in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the manor of Serednikovo in the Moscow region. Her Paul invited relatives and friends, among whom was Marika Kravtsova, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Kate Komolova, Edik Yakut and Maroussia Zykov.

      The theme of the birthday of the actor was the space, and happy birthday try on the way Roni Kind, the hero of the cult movie by Luc Besson “the Fifth element”. Derevyanko with pleasure posed for photographers in a leopard suit with a high neckline and a wig, and waving improvised stick in the tone of your outfit.

      Guests Derevyanko had a lot of fun. The party lasted almost all night, as reported by Kate Komolova in Instagram. “Seen all night until the morning,” wrote the producer in social networks. They also danced a lot, and following the birthday boy to transform into other people. So, Marusya Zykova became one of the evening with Igor Nikolaev. “Endorphins went. Space Nikolaev. #wypierdalaj” — shared the actress in the microblog. Komolova and Kate tried on a dog mask. “Man dog friend,” she commented a new image. It turned out extravagant and costume Edik Yakut. “I’m in space! Birthday a wonderful actor and a great friend,” commented on a picture posted online, the promoter.

      By the way, a few months ago, Pavel Derevyanko intrigued journalists his new friend. The band, Uma2rman, the actor has appeared in the company of charming brunettes — restaurateur Joan Kim, the main owner of the trendy restaurant original Korean dishes. That day Derevyanko and Kim were holding hands and occasionally hugging. The actor called his girlfriend Joan, preferring not to go into details.

      Pavel Derevyanko has a crush on a girl with a criminal past

      It is also known that the couple appeared together at the premiere of “the Crew”. Whether spectacular young woman girl Derevyanko, we can only guess. The actor and his alleged girlfriend not to post any photographs of us on social networks and not advertise their relationship.

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