Павел Артемьев устал отвечать на вопросы о "Фабрике звезд"
Pavel Artemyev after participation in the project “Factory of stars” the First channel acted for many years in the group “the Roots”, but now he has his own group ARTEMIEV.

Павел Артемьев устал отвечать на вопросы о "Фабрике звезд"

Paul recognizes that the repertoire of his group is fundamentally different from what they sang in the band “the Roots”. In an interview with reporters quite often Artemyev ask a question about the project “Factory of stars”, and the singer admits that he was tired already from the fact that all are still interested in what it was 15 years ago.

“This topic has been specifically got me. I understand that I can’t go, she will follow me on the circuit as the load, for which I must apologize for the rest of my life. But this topic is pretty worn out. Already managed to grow the people who once looked “Factory”, and I don’t understand how it can be fun,” says Paul.

But very soon the project will start on the channel Muz-TV and apparently the hype around him will be great.

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