Полину Диброву с детьми задержали на границе в Испании
The wife of TV host barely took children from Russia.

Polina Dibrova with children

Photo: Social networks

Every summer Polina Dibrova spends time with children in Spain. This year was no exception, however, the wife of TV presenter got to the destination with great adventure. The fact that Polina is not able to provide employees with passport control the necessary documents for their sons.

Polina forgot birth certificate eight-year-old Alexander, four-year and three-year Theodore Elijah. Dibrova had to prove that she brought from Russia, other people’s children. To do this, the boys had a conversation where they were asked various questions about his parents.

Despite the serious difficulties that could disrupt the plans, Polina laughed at the situation. “Perceived the situation as a compliment. Do not believe the border guard that my children. Ten-interrogation of Sasha’s family life … I Especially liked the question: “Do you dad and mom the same?” Translate: “do all children have one mommy and one daddy?” Son question stumped,” shares the details of what happened Dibrova.

As a result, the Pauline safely to the place where you will spend the holidays with children. It should be noted that Dmitry does not like beach holidays, so avoids family holidays on the coast. He loves to travel to Europe in the fall, when falls the wave of tourists and you can easily explore the local sights.