Pauline Bogussevich won the children’s contest “Eurovision-2017”

Полина Богусевич одержала победу на детском конкурсе «Евровидение-2017» The singer bypassed the competitors in the final of the music contest. Pauline Bogussevich conquered the audience with his touching compositions. The girl was able to stay ahead of their closest rivals from Georgia on three points. The singer was super happy each vote cast for her.
Полина Богусевич одержала победу на детском конкурсе «Евровидение-2017»

The evening of November 26 in Tbilisi ended with the Junior Eurovision song contest. The competition was attended by young artists from 16 countries. The representative of Russia Polina Bogussevich was initially considered one of the contenders for victory, as for the speech, the girl chose touching and melodious song “Wings”.

Song was written by Polina herself together with composer Taras Demchuk. On stage, the girl appeared in a white short dress, which looked incredibly elegant. Despite the excitement Bogussevich was able to take complex notes.

As a result, from the very beginning the vote, the representative of Russia took the lead in. Bogussevich received several top ratings, but still lag behind artists from Georgia. The outcome of the competition depended on the scores of the jury.

In the end, Pauline got one of the highest ratings of 66 points. This made the girl a real leader among the competitors. The girl was hard to believe in their victory, and so long time she went on stage, trying to cope with emotions.

Полина Богусевич одержала победу на детском конкурсе «Евровидение-2017»

Pauline Bogussevich became famous after he participated in the project “Voice. Children.” In the show, it did not last long, and dropped out after the fights. However, this did not prevent 14-year-old girl keep a great relationship with a mentor Dima Bilan.

Now the girl is working with Igor Krutoy. What famous composer helps her in creative endeavors. Pauline also participated in the contest “Battle of talents”, which reached the Grand final.

In Tbilisi, the young singer had a powerful support group. Behind the scenes was attended by her mother, grandmother, and close friends and classmates. Dealing with “StarHit” Pauline admitted that the parents have always been her guide through life.

“Mother, the most important critic. She never praises me, tells the truth, sees everything, even the most minor details. Relatives want everything to be perfect. Mom comes to my concerts. She is usually with me behind the scenes, waiting until I get out. Then he goes into the hall to watch, to capture speech and send it to grandma” – shared the girl.

Fans rushed to congratulate Bogussevich with a victory. They believe that the girl was worthy of the award and will record a lot of hits.

Dima Bilan hastened to congratulate the ex-pupils with a splash on the Eurovision song contest. He noted that a couple of years ago, when they met, Pauline made a lasting impression as a talented vocalist.

“She was on my team the absolute vocalist, which resisted much of the repertoire of great performers. Still great when you realize that the artist did not betray its mission, and is confident steps forward to the victory! Is Pauline in you this spirit, and when it is part of nature – the path is most important, not constant”, – said Bilan.

During the long months of preparation for the competition, Bogussevich supported and Philip. He repeatedly emphasized how talented the young singer. After learning of her victory in the contest, the artist could not restrain his emotions. “I congratulate our girl with the first place at Junior Eurovision in Georgia! Special Thanks to Academy of Igor Krutoy for tremendous preparation of Russia and personally Polina to the competition,” said the king of the pop scene.

According to media reports, the head of the Russian delegation at the Junior Eurovision song contest Ekaterina Orlova said that the representatives of the European Broadcasting Union behind the scenes, after the victory of Pauline, made an informal proposal VGTRK to hold “Eurovision-2019” in Russia.