Paulina Andreeva trying to protect parents

Паулина Андреева пытается защитить родителей The actress is trying to protect loved ones from negative information. Paulina Andreeva was forced to explain to the relatives of the appearance of unpleasant materials in the media. Now the family of the actress is not worried about gossip and rumors around their daughter.

      Last time, the star of the series “Method” Paulina Andreeva was at the center of public attention. After it became known about her affair with the famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, each release of the pair vigorously debated by the public. Now the actress feels the increased attention from the press, but she and her family would learn to relate to the fact that writing in various publications.

      “We’re not an acting family, and the headlines for parents has always been something that happens to others. Now this concerns me. When someone writes badly about their daughter, about her looks, acting talent, my mother immediately wants to find that person and talk. But we had to work with them, and now they understand how it all works. More we are not worried,” admitted Andreev.

      Despite the fact that the acting profession requires the release, Paulina don’t consider themselves part of the Bohemian society. She understands that there are hypocritical people who are only trying to be her friends. This situation did not overshadow the bride by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

      “I myself did not feel in the secular world, because I’m not inside it. Even when visiting social events, I’m more of an observer than a participant. So little interest to me, who smiles at me and one minute he says back. It’s not my friends and people close to me, so that’s all right,” says Paulina.

      Despite the fact that fans dream to see the life of a beloved actress, at least in social networks, Andreeva does not seek to tell about his life unknown to her millions of followers. She considers herself a rather private man, and therefore not feel the need to share the events and thoughts in the microblog. Even the fact that many famous people social media accounts become an additional source of income, does not stimulate Andreev.

      “I can’t imagine being in this coordinate system: to spend your life, time, energy. Sometimes scary to share something with the people, because when you share — like a little lose”, – frankly said the actress in an interview with “Izvestia”.