Paulina Andreeva touching congratulated by Fyodor Bondarchuk

Паулина Андреева трогательно поздравила Федора Бондарчука The bride of the Director shared a very personal frame. Today Fyodor Bondarchuk celebrates its anniversary – he was 50 years old. In the evening his fiancee Paulina Andreeva publicly addressed his lover.
Паулина Андреева трогательно поздравила Федора Бондарчука

Today, the ninth of may, a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk is celebrating its 50th birthday. Fans were looking forward to what the words in honor of the anniversary, say your fiancé Paulina Andreeva. Apparently, all the wishes of the girl addressed to the beloved in person, and in the microblogging only issued a joint photograph, as they go along the sea shore. The young actress was dressed in short shorts and a white blouse off the shoulders. With one hand, Pauline relies on the shoulder of Theodore, and he, in turn, embraces the beauty’s waist.

Andreev has left a long comment to the snapshot, and limited to the abbreviations “HB FB”, which most likely means “happy birthday, Fyodor Bondarchuk”.

Паулина Андреева трогательно поздравила Федора Бондарчука

Fans were beside themselves with excitement as the couple prefers not to put the relationship on display. Followers was pleasantly surprised such a delicate picture, which clearly shows that between the actress and Director are burning sincere feelings. Members were happy for celebrities and wished them to carry their love through the years. “I wish you happiness! You’re handsome!”, “Make him a happy man!” “Beautiful couple!”, “You are the most awesome! Happiness To You!” – written by loyal fans.

Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk rarely share a joint pictures and try to take care of personal happiness from prying eyes. Apparently, the girl not even a pleasure to own microblog. Despite the fact that for many celebrities it is a great platform to communicate with fans, Paulina rarely makes any publication, and has recently removed almost all of the pictures.

The famous Director admires the professional and personal qualities of his lady. Bondarchuk admitted that his bride combines a lot of advantages, among which highlights the decency, and honesty.

Pauline herself did not expect the affair with Bondarchuk will cause a public outcry. She was surprised when it began to actively write in the press, and critics began to seek out her appearance and the work of any deficiencies. Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva gave the first joint interview