Paulina Andreeva told what Fedor Bondarchuk is actually

Паулина Андреева рассказала, какой Федор Бондарчук на самом деле

Close to a pair of Paulina Andreeva-Fyodor Bondarchuk say that they have already chosen a wedding date and began preparations for this important and responsible event.

As before about his relationship stars do not speak, and want to enjoy the happiness in silence, with no other witnesses.

However, for GQ magazine Andreev made an exception and talked about what got her Bondarchuk.

According to Paulina, deserves special attention not actual and biological age of her lover. The actress is confident that Fedor is not more than 16 years, it still played a mischief and childish, which help him to move forward and motivate for new achievements.

“He’s very real, educated, sympathetic, honest man,” adds Andreeva, revealing new facets of the beloved.

The star of “the Thaw” also admires the ability of the Director in your busy schedule to find the time “absolutely everything”.

“Fedor grew up in a great family. He is a worthy continuation of the family. The sense of responsibility he has not acquired, but innate” — continued the actress. “Whether or not he sad? More often than many. He’s a man thinking, a keen sense of the world inside, hand in hand with sorrow” — says Paulina.