Paulina Andreeva told about how he glued the ears

Паулина Андреева рассказала о том, как приклеивала уши
The actress admitted in children’s complexes.

Photo: a frame from the program “SMAK”

Over the weekend Paulina Andreeva became a guest on the program “Smak” with his partner on the film “Myths” Ivan Urgant. Countrymen met in the kitchen of the First channel to prepare a typical Finnish fish soup. This dish is extremely popular in the homeland of both artists in St. Petersburg. And at the same time in conversation revealed the terrible secret of the actress of theatre and cinema, Paulina Andreeva.

“I play two main roles in the movie “the Myth,” said Paulina. I play twin sisters. It was complicated. To begin with, not to be confused ourselves, we figured out how they visually differ from each other. One sister wears the bangs and the other doesn’t. One of them are the ears, and the other does not. Accordingly, in one of these roles I glued the ears! It was awkward, as Ivan Urgant joked all the time, and laughing I occasionally felt like I’m starting to come off ear. Especially in the frame! The Director at this point stopped shooting and shouted: “Amendment of makeup! Sticking Pauline ears!” Make-up artists, by the way, used a special adhesive tape tightly, every part of his ear glued to the head separately, and my ears are very stubborn! Generally, 12 ears were a problem. I then played the Scarecrow in the school play “the Wizard of oz.” So I am the Scarecrow, and even ears, very different from the ears of classmates. The complexes were girly, but it quickly passed. And even on the ears was a funny incident with Konstantin Khabensky. We’re together starred in the TV series “the Method”. And in one shot sat with him for the backlighting (illumination of rear — Approx. The Director looked at us and then loudly announced: “a Permutation of the frame! They have glow ears. Both!”

By the way, after the filming of “Smak” Pauline, together with her fiancé, Fedor Bondarchuk, and flew to London. In the UK, was launched the Russian film Week, which opened with the screening of the film Bondarchuk’s”Gravity.” The Director personally came to introduce the film and took over the company the woman.