Paulina Andreeva suddenly parted hair

Паулина Андреева внезапно распрощалась с волосами The theater and film actress surprised fans with a new haircut. On Wednesday evening in Moscow there has passed display of the play of Alexander Molochnikova, devoted to the October revolution. One of the roles in the production was played by Paulina Andreeva.

November 1 at the Chekhov Moscow art theatre hosted a press screening of one of the most anticipated performances of the play “the Light path. 19.17” directed by Alexander Molochnikova, dedicated to 100-anniversary of the October revolution. According to journalists, the artist has reinterpreted this event in the genre of utopia.

The main role in the play was played by Victoria Isakova, Artem Bystrov, Igor Vernik, Paulina Andreeva, Irina Pegova, Artem Sokolov, and others. Social networks theatre appeared photos taken during rehearsals. They could see how the actors prepare for opening night. The long-awaited show Paulina Andreeva was surprised the first audience. The girl appeared before the audience in an unexpected way. The actress said goodbye to long tresses and made a daring haircut under the boy. However, some fans of Paulina decided that she wore a wig for the role.

At the premiere of Paulina did not appear in evening dress, and in a more democratic way – in black trousers and a light brown sweater. The image of the actress has completed a massive black boots. Colleagues Andreeva dressed in the same style.

The audience praised the play of Alexander Molochnikova and recommend it for viewing others. According to many, a daring idea of the Director was a success. “Beautiful, funny and sad, All at the theater”, “Recommended”, “About this setting, we can say that she has instead of a heart flaming engine. But responds to its solution, it is the heart,” discussed in the Network.

“Play of the year, a bomb. And I do not call and warn Muscovites to hurry. (…) It is difficult to name them all, but even harder to describe in a few words this crazy extravaganza that caused the following emotions and feelings: laughter, surprise, recognition, sadness, smile, pity, enthusiasm. Emotions in the film over the edge!” – written by theatre journalist Larisa Kanevskaya on the page in “Facebook”.

As reported by representatives of the press service of the Moscow art theatre, the new play Molochnikova is a continuation of what he had begun in the play “19.14”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First world war. It premiered two years ago. By the way, from 16 November in the cinemas will start showing the debut feature film Molochnikova “Myths,” starring Fedor Bondarchuk, Ivan Urgant, Sergey Bezrukov, Paulina Andreeva, Ksenia Rappoport, Victoria Isakov, and others. Long before the premiere, the film has become one of the most discussed in the Network, largely due to the stellar composition. Paulina Andreeva threw a tantrum Ivan Urgant

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