Паулина Андреева показала семейную идиллию с Федором Бондарчуком
The Director was 50 years old.

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

Photo: @paulina_andreeva_official_page Instagram Fyodor Bondarchuk

On the eve of may 9, Fedor Bondarchuk celebrated not only the Victory Day, but also your personal holiday. The Director turned 50 years old! Anniversary celebration with family and friends Fyodor, apparently, will organize later.

The birthday boy received the congratulations from many colleagues and friends, but most valuable for him is undoubtedly a greeting from his sweetheart Paulina Andreeva. Her wishes he has heard personally, and in the microblog actress appeared in the evening only encrypted laconic note: “HB FD”, which probably means “Happy Birthday Fedor Bondarchuk!”. However, it is not important what meant Andreeva, so much what photo it was accompanied by a publication.

Instagram artist there is a touching family picture with Fedor from her personal archive. Portrait of loving couple was taken during a walk along the coast. Published frame — the first informal photo lovers. Prior to that, the Network got photos of the pair with social events.

By the way, Svetlana, ex-wife Bondarchuk, abstained from public congratulations of the ex-spouse. But the other day she showed another photo of their common “special” daughter Barbara.