Паулина Андреева поделилась планами на ближайшее будущее
Some time ago, the actress Paulina Andreeva spoke with reporters and told of how she is acting and whether to try yourself in the role of the singer.

Паулина Андреева поделилась планами на ближайшее будущее

According to Paulina, when she was offered the new role, she approaches this issue with all seriousness and does not agree to all new projects.

“I have to make choices of material, besides, my life is theatre. I strive for balance and would not want to play 343 day of the year, because it’s devastating. Besides, is not there for so many days such a number of good texts and scenarios,” — said Andreev.

As an actress, though she plays in some movies the songs, but about the career of the singer and not think.

“I have a wonderful profession actress, in which so many want to do. I’ve never wanted to develop in the direction of the singer, I’m not interested. But in the movie, under the artistic ideas I sing with pleasure,” shared Paulina.

I think that everyone is good in their region and something that the actress realizes that she doesn’t have to break in singer, shows her best side.

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