Paulina Andreeva responded to the comments about “big ears”

Паулина Андреева ответила на замечания о «больших ушах»

One of the most popular Actresses admitted that he considers himself photogenic, but not beauty.

Looking at Paulina, it seems that the problems it does not. A successful career, organized personal life, friends and loving parents.

And then there’s Andreev admitted that women’s experiences because of her alien appearance.

“I never in my life even thought about it, never wanted anything to change and never experienced complexes associated with the exterior, – admitted the actress. On the contrary, have always tried to work more on its internal content. So for me it was amazing, not to say that at first I was shocked by the active discussion on this topic. More recently, no one was fired form my ears, and I liked it much more”, – reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.

And despite befell her popularity, a socialite in my opinion.

“I myself did not feel in the secular world, because I’m not inside it, she continued. Even when visiting social events, I’m more of an observer than a participant. So little interest to me, who smiles at me and one minute he says back. It’s not my friends and people close to me, so all right.”

Much harder, says Paulina, was to explain to parents that the rumors and yellow titles – just the reverse of the profession, from which there is no escape.

“When someone writes badly about their daughter, about her looks, acting talent, my mother immediately wants to find that person and talk (laughs). But we had to work with them, and now they understand how it all works. More we are not worried,” – said Andreev.

By the way, that attacks the appearance of the actress journalists sometimes really “too much”. Renowned surgeon Julian De Silva, exploring the contours of the face international stars, called the Paulina the most beautiful girl of our country. According to him, her face 90.4 percent representing perfect proportions! According to the study, even Vera Brezhneva inferior to the bride of a novel. Her face matches the ideal 90,11%.