Paulina Andreeva proved faithful to Fyodor Bondarchuk

Паулина Андреева доказала верность Федору Бондарчуку The actress answered tricky questions of journalists. The correspondent of the publication asked Paulina what I have to do a man to win her favor. Andreev gave to understand that is relationship and not in need of attention from representatives of the stronger sex.

      Паулина Андреева доказала верность Федору Бондарчуку

      28-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva performed the theme song to the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction”. The song, called “Closer”, was released in June of this year. Recently, reporters interviewed the actress. According to Andreeva, the Director convinced her to play the role of the performer of the soundtrack to the new blockbuster.

      Fyodor Bondarchuk for the first time explained the care of the family to Paulina Andreeva

      “At Fedor suggested to try and understand whether the approach to voice timbre. We agreed that if you fail, the song will be performed by some other singer. By the way, that I was pleasantly surprised, the song was written by Russian composer Ivan Burlyaev. Although the feeling is very “branded” foreign thing. Hit, atmospheric and very appropriate to the picture,” says Andreeva.

      Recall that the actress is Dating Director Fedor Bondarchuk, and soon to be held wedding of celebrities. However, the stars themselves prefer to refrain from making any comments about it. They are also trying to protect her personal life from the public without disclosing its details to outsiders. This time Pauline did not spread about your man. Only hinted at the fact that her heart is occupied, so it is not going to talk about how men can win her favor.

      “The fact that now to win me is not” – said the actress.

      Earlier Paulina for the first time said that he loves his beloved. The actress broke the silence and told about the positive qualities of the chosen one. Despite the fact that Andreev and Bondarchuk regularly appear together in public, a joint interview they give, and carefully hide his personal life from unwanted scrutiny.

      In recognition Andreeva, Bondarchuk different from the others enthusiasm and desire to continuously learn something new. The Director sometimes something reminds her of a teenager. Paulina also told that he is sincerely in love with life and knows how to have fun.

      Fyodor Bondarchuk recently admitted that was free several years before he met the actress. From the words of the Director, it also follows that Andreev didn’t steal him from his family, as many people think.

      Paulina Andreeva dispelled myths about Fedor Bondarchuk

      Note that the news of the Roman Bondarchuk and Andreeva became one of the most unexpected in the past year. Journalists tried in vain to learn more about their relationship, but the couple remained silent. Paulina admitted to Grazia magazine that is learned over time, indifferent to public opinion and the media attention.