Паулина Андреева заполучила главную роль в новом творении Федора Бондарчука
Future husband the young actress is sponsoring the project with her participation.

Паулина Андреева заполучила главную роль в новом творении Федора Бондарчука

Paulina Andreeva, Dmitry Ulyanov and Yuri Bykov Director

Photo: @Instagram sergeiminaev Sergey Minaev

Paulina Andreeva removed in the new project by Fyodor Bondarchuk — the show is “Sleeping”.
This time the famous Director acted as producer, and he got
a small cameo role. But his bride Paulina, as it became known recently,
got the role of one of the key characters in the film.

About the beginning of the filming of the series on his page in the microblog said Sergey
Minaev — the author of the screenplay for “Sleeping”. He published the traditional “plates”,
on which signed by the creators of the TV show. A little later he shared another
one photo, depicting the beginning of the working process.

“Yuri Bykov explains Dmitry Ulyanov, how to talk to a beautiful
Paulina Andreeva,” he signed the Sergei. By the way, the Director of the movie was
Yury Bykov, the author of “the Method”. About the story the body of creation, yet little is known —
the action will unfold in 2013, will narrate the work of the Russian
counterintelligence, who will try to unravel the idea of foreign

By the way, recently it became known approximate date of the wedding
Paulina and Theodore. According to the organizer of weddings — Anna Goroga,
Paulina will go down the aisle in August this year. She admitted that the celebration will be modest and it will be present only the closest
friends of the couple. By the way, some time ago the ex-wife of Fedor — Svetlana openly commented on their divorce.

Photo: @Instagram sergeiminaev Sergey Minaev

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